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(There will be minor spoilers.)

"UNIT: Dominion" is a 4-story set.  Travelling with Big Finish-only companion Raine Creevy, the Seventh Doctor encounters a future self who warns him against helping a particular species of aliens.  #7 does it anyway, and rips open an inter-dimensional corridor that begins to weaken the boundaries between universes.  Bizarre creatures begin to invade Earth across the boundaries: leeches that wipe people's minds, giant floating baby heads (!), lava-spitting spiders, and exploding cubes.  #7 and the Other Doctor have to cooperate with UNIT, especially with their science advisor Elizabeth Klein, to fend off these invasions.  But Klein doesn't trust either of the Doctors...

The four stories have cliffhangers but they're not standalone, so this is in essence a single four-hour-long story, and a very weird one.  The creatures are all really surreal designs -- the floating baby heads seem only possible for audio, because they'd look ridiculous and reminiscent of <cite>Zardoz</cite> in a visual production -- and none of them are fleshed out enough to have much personality.  The highlight of these stories is Alex Macqueen as the Other Doctor, because his performance is so entertaining, mixing buoyant confidence and irritating arrogance and making it plausible that he's a future Doctor.  (I've already listened to BF's later "Dark Eyes" series that also features Macqueen and was so delighted by it that I went back and bought this one.) 


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