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  1. "Six Months, Three Days, Charlie Jane Anders
  2. "What We Found", Geoff Ryman
  3. "Fields of Gold", Rachel Swirsky
  4. "Ray of Light", Brad R. Torgeson
  5. No Award
  6. "The Copenhagen Interpretation", Paul Cornell
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  1. Eggleton
  2. Picacio
  3. Komarck
  4. Martinere
  5. Dos Santos
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  1. James Bacon
  2. Claire Brialey
  3. Chris Garcia
  4. Jim C. Hines
  5. Steven H. Silver
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Amazingly enough, I liked "Community" better than "Doctor Who" in this category.
  1. "Remedial Chaos Theory"
  2. "The Doctor's Wife"
  3. "The Girl Who Waited"
  4. "A Good Man Goes to War"
  5. "The Drink Tank's Hugo Acceptance Speech"
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  1. Spring Schoenhuth: I haven't before seen a Fan Artist nominee who made physical objects. S/he makes jewelery.
  2. Randall Munroe:
  3. Maurine Starkey: one of her sample images was a nice drawing of Sherlock Holmes, after Paget.
  4. Steve Stiles
  5. Taral Wayne
  6. Brad W. Foster
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Short story: 3 of the 5 stories were rather sentimental.
  1. "The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees", by E. Lily Yu: a fable about politics, depicted using a hive of bees conquered by wasps. It felt a little Dunsanian for some reason
  2. "Movement", by Nancy Fulda: its protagonist has an autistically reworked sense of time that's something like how I imagine Time Lords think, and I liked it for that.
  3. "The Paper Menagerie", by Ken Liu. The child of a Chinese mother and white father ignores his mother's magical gifts until it's too late. Very sweet, and made me cry on the Metro. But it's a little too obviously tear-jerking, which made me rank it slightly lower than "Cartographer Wasps".
  4. No Award
  5. "The Homecoming", by Mike Resnick. Another parent estranged from a child, but for some indefinable reason it feels very dated, something that could have been written in the 1950s.
  6. "Shadow War of the Night Dragons: Book One: The Dead City: Prologue", by John Scalzi. A spoof of EFP novels; very faintly amusing, but not award-worthy.


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