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Yesterday I re-ran my WriteTheDocs presentation on Python's "What's New" documents at the DC-area Python meetup. I was wondering if the talk was too far off-topic for a Python-specific group, but it was paired with Daniel Beck's introduction to Sphinx so our talks made a coherent program.
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Today I looked at my slides for the 2009 'Giving a Talk', and took inspiration from how random my images were. So I gave up on the idea of a travelling theme and just thought up possible images for each individual slide, not trying to unify them with a concept. That made it easy to find a suitable image for each slide. Therefore, my slides are now done! All that's left is rehearsing!
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While Barb was out biking, I practiced my talk straight through, getting a more accurate time of around 16 minutes, still well within my limit. I haven't had any luck finding images for my slides -- I think I'll try for one more evening and then give up and leave them unadorned.
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I showed Barb my slides and we discussed what sort of images would make sense for what's a fairly abstract talk about writing and editorial guidelines. I eventually decided upon a 'travel' theme -- a "What's New" shows you the terrain -- but finding images is still difficult. Maps are obviously relevant and very abundant online. Users vs. developers can be illustrated by tourists v. tour guides, but it's surprisingly hard to find an image that says "tour guide". After an hour or two of searching I only managed to find about half the images I need.
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More work on my WriteTheDocs presentation, and it's shaping up nicely. I read through my slides again and made a bunch of edits, mostly to smooth the transitions between sections of the talk. Then I did a whispered practice run, and rearranged the slides some more.

After all of that, I think the logical outline of the talk is in good shape. Timing also seems OK; my whispered run-through took only 15 minutes, and then I took a few slides out, so the talk length should already be below my 20-minute limit.

Next step: a full-voice run-through in my office, and then I need to find pictures to make the slides more interesting.

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Today I produced a rough first draft of my WriteTheDocs slides, creating first-cut versions of the slides and writing the speaker's notes. Tomorrow, I'll make a revision pass and then do a run-through while alone in my office.
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After giving my Python3 talk in the morning, I whipped up a lightning talk about the PSF and gave it at Saturday's lightning talk session. The session was only half-full, so I didn't feel bad about pushing my way onto the schedule. Slides are here.
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I did trial runs of the talk at DCPython on October 2nd and NoVAPython October 18th, followed by the PyCarolinas rendition on the 20th.

The DCPython presentation was the first try-out of a new venue, Science Club DC, which is a nightclub/bar. We were in the basement bar and had around 20 attendees. The talk went well, though at an hour it ran well over the PyCarolinas allotted time of 45 minutes. Many good questions, too. Audience members suggested that I could drop the first of my three examples and pare down the discussion of language features that were removed, such as `x` for repr(x) and raising strings as exceptions. (Many audience members didn't know about these features, and even long-time Python users said they'd forgotten about them.)

After taking those suggestions and paring down the slides, the NoVAPython presentation was around 45 minutes, still too long. I had A/V difficulties getting set up, which started the evening late and on a panicky note, so I felt thrown-off through the presentation. The audience seemed mildly interested and there were a few questions, but the meeting broke up really quickly afterwards.

I therefore tried to cut down the talk a bit more for PyCarolinas, but still ran out of time at the end and had to skip some material on the fly (for example, I skipped the PyPI slide). I wrapped up slightly late, and got no questions at all. Slides for the PyCarolinas version.

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I've ported 2 of the intended 3 libraries for my PyCarolinas talk. The third is my own quotation-tools, and it's not a port that 2to3 can handle: strings and Unicode are entangled throughout, many methods have encoding parameters because they're returning what Python 3 calls 'bytes', and several of the scripts produced XML through print statements.

There's no way to rewrite this code automatically, so tonight I just dived in, read through it fixing stuff, and then ran the test suite and scripts and fixed more problems until everything worked.

I think this port is at least good enough to let me flesh out that section of my talk. Larger rewrites, such as generating XML through producing a proper tree, can wait until after the talk is done.

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Adding to the talk ideas started by Danny Greenfeld:
  • A survey and comparison of Python graphing/charting/visualization libraries: there's matplotlib, Chaco, PyChart, PyGoogleCharts, CairoPlot, ... It's hard to know how to choose. (StackOverflow discussion of Python charting)
  • A more general comparative talk could just look at 2D graphics: Cairo, ReportLab, PySVG, PyX, the Tk, GTk+, and Qt canvases, etc. This idea actually comes from my list of possible books, so it may be impossible to cut the topic down into a 30- or 45-minute talk.
  • Or 3D graphics: OpenGL, VPython, plus game engines like PySoy and Panda3D.
  • An introduction to TCP/UDP sockets using Python. (A novice-level talk; I wouldn't attend myself, but I think it would be popular.)
  • Another one from my talk-ideas list: a historical survey of free software. Judging by Hacker News, there are lots of people around who don't know the background that led to the FSF, 'free software' vs. 'open source', etc.


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