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Today I looked at my slides for the 2009 'Giving a Talk', and took inspiration from how random my images were. So I gave up on the idea of a travelling theme and just thought up possible images for each individual slide, not trying to unify them with a concept. That made it easy to find a suitable image for each slide. Therefore, my slides are now done! All that's left is rehearsing!
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While Barb was out biking, I practiced my talk straight through, getting a more accurate time of around 16 minutes, still well within my limit. I haven't had any luck finding images for my slides -- I think I'll try for one more evening and then give up and leave them unadorned.
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I showed Barb my slides and we discussed what sort of images would make sense for what's a fairly abstract talk about writing and editorial guidelines. I eventually decided upon a 'travel' theme -- a "What's New" shows you the terrain -- but finding images is still difficult. Maps are obviously relevant and very abundant online. Users vs. developers can be illustrated by tourists v. tour guides, but it's surprisingly hard to find an image that says "tour guide". After an hour or two of searching I only managed to find about half the images I need.
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More work on my WriteTheDocs presentation, and it's shaping up nicely. I read through my slides again and made a bunch of edits, mostly to smooth the transitions between sections of the talk. Then I did a whispered practice run, and rearranged the slides some more.

After all of that, I think the logical outline of the talk is in good shape. Timing also seems OK; my whispered run-through took only 15 minutes, and then I took a few slides out, so the talk length should already be below my 20-minute limit.

Next step: a full-voice run-through in my office, and then I need to find pictures to make the slides more interesting.

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Today I produced a rough first draft of my WriteTheDocs slides, creating first-cut versions of the slides and writing the speaker's notes. Tomorrow, I'll make a revision pass and then do a run-through while alone in my office.


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